NOTE: Please take a moment and register for Assembly. It is important that we have an accurate head count in order to provide enough resources for those attending and to make sure we have adequate personnel to cover all the jobs that need doing. This applies to members and candidates.

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Tonkawa Lodge Ordeal Assemblies

Registration closes the Tuesday night before each Assembly!

Hey there! Assuming you’ve been elected, congratulations! If you’re looking for registration for The Ordeal (AKA Assemblies or Induction Weekend), you’ve come to the right place! Please read the information below and we’ll get you on your way shortly!


Tonkawa Lodge Assemblies are opportunities for those elected to become members of the Order of the Arrow. Our upcoming Winter Assembly will take place at Camp Green Dickson near Gonzalez, Tx. Commonly known as The Ordeal, candidates will meet a series of challenges that will foster self-reflection and test their commitment to a life of cheerful service. For existing members, Assembly Weekend offers a chance to build friendships and serve Scouting in meaningful ways.

Things you need to do:

Candidate and Parent Information Letter and BSA Health Forms: New candidates, please read through the Candidate Information Packet (attached to the Scouting Event website under ‘Attachments’) as it contains important details for the weekend and make sure to bring bring a non-returnable paper copy of your BSA health form (parts A & B only).

Dues: Your first year’s dues are included with your registration fee. Existing members must have paid their dues to attend Assembly. You may pay your dues upon arrival if they haven’t already been paid (more information here about this).

Registration is now handled through the BlackPug System.


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